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What is CloudThink.IO ?

Mining Bitcoin with

CloudThink incorporates a package of services operated by Cloud Think Mining Ltd. which runs a high-performance mining facility in Taiwan with a very cost-effective selection of mining equipment. CloudThink has highly competitive prices for contracts which makes it an easy investment for anyone, even if you know nothing about this industry.
 CloudThink offers you a smart and easy way to invest your money.


Customers visiting the CloudThink website are offered a range of different packages to choose from. All of the packs are based on a fixed-term contract, with payment upfront for the service, daily payouts for all accounts, and varying levels of guaranteed and expected profit margins.

Users choose a package based on two main factors — the length of time they wish to invest for, and the amount of money they want to put into CloudThink. The most basic package starts at US$499 for 6 months of cloud mining. This package offers a minimum guaranteed profit of 10%, and CloudThink describes an expected profit of 13-17%. At the other end of the scale, the most expensive package is for a two-year contract with a US$5,000 investment. The company says this comes with a guaranteed 45% profit, and they expect profits in the 65–100% range over the course of the contract.

CloudThink explains that profits come from a mix between bitcoins being mined by the cloud mining hardware, benefits derived from improved hardware that the company is also developing on the side, and the profits from a team of traders within the company. Daily profits are paid out from the mining activity, and monthly profits come from the trading team. All payments are made in bitcoin.

CloudThink says that it uses a mix of mining hardware from Bitmain, Spoondoolies and KnC, but that 30% of its power is also based in custom hardware it is developing, and which it later plans to also sell on the open market. CloudThink also generates the electricity used in their Taiwanese mining facility.
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